Toukai TKD Championships in Gifu, Japan

January 5, 2018

The 23th Toukai Taekwon-Do Championships were held on November 26th in Gifu-City, Japan. The Gifu Memorial Center was the venue for this very exciting competition with a high level of technical ability displayed by all. Gifu, Japan is the host city for the 2018 Technical Conference in March.


New Dojang in Western Canada

December 30, 2017

New member in Western Canada

ITF-TAO would like to welcome Mr. Chris Howes and the students of Cardston Taekwon-Do as our latest new member. After a year long hiatus from running a Dojang Mr. Howes has relocated from Calgary to Cardston for fresh new start.

Mr. Howes is a certified 6th Dan Black Belt with many years of experience in Taekwon-Do. We look forward to working with him to keep the Original Taekwon-Do of the Founder alive in its purist form.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Howes and his students back to the ITF-TAO family.



Oakridge Invitational Tournament

November 9, 2017

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, Oakridge Taekwon-Do hosted the first annual Oakridge TKD Invitational tournament at Fanshawe College, London campus.  One hundred and twenty competitors from nine dojangs across Ontario and Philadelphia, USA took part in an exciting day of competition.  The women’s team pattern event was introduced and was a huge success with Morningstar TKD winning the gold medal and Oakridge TKD bringing home the silver!

Thank you to all for your support and I look forward to seeing you next October!


Another Successful CanAm

June 3, 2017

On Saturday June 4, competitors from across Canada, USA gathered in the City of Brotherly love, Philadelphia, PA for what turned out to be a fantastic day of high level competition. Congratulations to Mr. Fran Ott and Mr. Sean Sutton for hosting a very professional and well organised event.

The tournament started with an opening ceremony that began with introductions both National anthems.  The tournament was highlighted by a fiercely competitive Black Belt division and, as usual a Canada vs. USA final match of the day with the USA coming out on top.  All in all a great event.



ITF-TAO Welcomes Nepal as our latest new member

April 22, 2017

ITF-TAO would like to welcome Mr. Rup Singh Moktan as our latest member. Mr. Rup Singh is a certified 3rd Dan Black Belt and will be ITF-TAO representative in Nepal. He will work closely with ITF-TAO Japan and ITF-TAO Malaysia to grow the Original Taekwon-Do of the Founder in Asia. Join us in welcoming Mr. Rup Singh Moktan and his students as our latest member. We look forward to meeting you at the Annual Technical Conference in 2017 in Japan!



Kick-A-Thon Fundraiser in Newfoundland

February 9, 2017

Kickathon Fundraiser held by Round 13 Athletics for one of their students who is battling cancer. Kaiden Little is in our Little Dragons program and has been fighting the disease for over a year now. Over five hours we did an average of 45000 kicks. Donations were received at the door and St. John’s Fire Department made a very generous donation. Total money raised was $3000.00 which will all go to the family to help them during this difficult time.



ITF-TAO Nicaragua hosts Technical Seminar

January 31, 2017

ITF-TAO Nicaragua celebrates the National Seminar of tuls and sparring drills. The Seminar was conducted by Sabum-Nim Pierson Gutiérrez (President of TAO Nicaragua), asisted for Sabum-Nim David Porta and Boo-Sabom-Nim Marlon Hernández.  A special thank you to Boo-Sabum-Nim Fernando Ballesteros and historia student from León city.


Welcome ITF-TAO Malaysia

January 31, 2017

ITF-TAO would like to welcome Mr. Steven Christopher Gomez from Malaysia as our latest member. Mr. Gomez is a certified 5th Dan Black Belt and will be ITF-TAO representative in Malaysia. His responsibilities will be to grow ITF-TAO and the Original Taekwon-Do of the Founder in South East Asia. Join us in welcoming Mr. Gomez and his students as our latest member.


ITF-TAO New Master

February 1, 2017

Congratulations to Master Sergi Plaja from Canada on his promotion to 7th Dan. The grading was held on the weekend of the Technical Conference and AGMand conducted by First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and assisted by GM Ray O’Neil. To be graded by FGMR to any rank is the highest honour being that he is the most senior Chang-Hun Taekwon-Do Grand Master in the world today and as stated byGeneral Choi Hong Hi, “The greatest ever student of Taekwon-Do”. Also promoted during the weekend festivities was Ms. Hatsue Tanaka to 5th Dan. Congratulations to both on a job well done.


2017 Annual Technical Conference and AGM

February 1, 2017

On the weekend of January 27-29, eighty black belt student, instructors and Mastersfrom Canada, USA, Argentina, Japan, Nepal and the United Kingdom attended our Annual Technical Conference an AGM. Our special guest of honor this year was First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and GM Ray O’Neil. The AGM was held on the Friday evening with all members of the Board of Directors in attendance. During the Technical Conference all 24 patterns as well as 3 & 1-step sparring were covered. Keeping true to the teachings of the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, the students and instructors were drilled on correct sine wave and the proper application of techniques. By the end of the 10 hour training everyone was exhausted but motivated in their efforts to keep Chang Hun Taekwon-Do alive in its purist form. A promotion test was also held for 3rd and 4th Dan candidates. Congratulations to all those who were successful in their quest for higher Dan levels. Thank you to ITF-TAO Canada for hosting this year.We all look forward to the 2018 Technical Conference and AGM being held in Japan.