Technical Director visits Hong Kong

December 28, 2018

TAO Technical Director, Mr. Mike Morningstar made a stop in Hong Kong on the way to Nepal, to meet and train with ITF-TAO Hong Kong instructors. A great addition to the TAO family.  Looking forward to future events in Hong Kong.

CanAM Championships Date is set is now updated to our 2019 date of June 1st, 2019. Check out the site for more details.

Technical Committee Appointment-Croatia

October 19, 2018

ITF-TAO would like to announce the appointment of Mr. Tomislav Đaković, 6th Dan from Croatia to the Technical Committee. Mr. Đaković will assist the Technical Director to ensure that the highest technical standard is maintained throughout ITF-TAO Croatia. Join me in congratulating Mr. Đaković to his new role.

Technical Committee Appointment-Nicaragua

October 17, 2018

ITF-TAO would like to announce the appointment of Mr. Jordan Hermidas 5th Dan from Nicaragua to the Technical Committee. Mr. Hermidas will assist the Technical Director to ensure that the highest technical standard is maintained throughout ITF-TAO Nicaragua. Join me in congratulating Mr. Hermidas to his new role.

ITF-TAO welcomes Hong Kong as latest member

August 20, 2018

ITF-TAO would like to welcome Ms. Lo, Wai Yin, 4th Dan, Ms. So Suk Yi, 5th Dan and Mr. Kong Yau Choi-, 4th Dan of Hong Kong as out latest new member country. ITF-TAO Hong Kong will be under the guidance of Ms. Lo, Wai Yin-4th Dan.

Please join us in welcoming the instructors and students of ITF-TAO Hong Kong.


ITF-TAO Welcomes new member in Canada

July 31, 2018

ITF-TAO would like to welcome Mr. Roody Etienne and the students of Etienne’s International Taekwon-Do in Ottawa, Canada as our latest new member. Mr. Etienne is an ITF certified 6th dan black belt.  In 2009, he started his first free Taekwon-Do program to help disadvantaged children and youth at The Heatherington Albion Community Centre in Ottawa. His passion and dream to is help those in need to help create a better and safer society. Please visit for more information. Welcome.

6th ITF-TAO Umpire Course in Japan

July 2018

ITF-TAO Japan was the host of the 6th ITF-TAO Umpire. The Course is designed for participants to become familiar with the requirements of fulfilling the duties of a Head Official as well as a Center Referee. This was done through the review of course materials and hands-on practical application exercises allowing the students to perform these duties in a professional manner.  Congratulations on organising a successful event.

New ranks in ITF-TAO

June 3, 2018

FGMR conducted a grading after the seminar in Oakville for 4th-6th Dan during the weekend of the CanAm Championships. The grading was conducted by First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and assisted by GM Paul Cutler. To be graded by FGMR to any rank is the highest honour being that he is the most senior Chang-Hun Taekwon-Do Grand Master in the world today and as stated by General Choi Hong Hi, “The greatest ever student of Taekwon-Do”. Congratulations to Mr. Kengo Kitagawa, 4th Dan ITF-TAO Japan, Mr. Sevendara Leang, 5th Dan ITF-TAO USA, Mr. Alejando David Chaviel, 6th Dan ITF-TAO Argentina, Mr. Sean Sutton, 6th Dan ITF-TAO USA, Mr. Fran Ott, 6th Dan ITF-TAO USA and Mr. Rick Winsor, 6th Dan ITF-TAO Canada.

Celebrating FGMR’s 80th Birthday

June 3, 2018

On the Sunday morning after the CanAm Championships, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha conducted a technical seminar assisted buy GM Paul Cutler. Participants from Canada, USA, Japan, Nicaragua, Argentina and the UK participated. The seminar was very interesting not only from a technical and physical perspective but also the amount of historical facts and stories that Grand Master shared with the students. The people who unfortunately could not attend this seminar missed a great opportunity and experience that rarely comes around. First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha was the closest person to General Choi and he is one of his original Students.

CanAm a Huge Success!

June 2, 2018

On Saturday June 2nd the 2018 CanAm Championships were held. The tournament brought competitors and spectators from across Canada and the USA as well as a team from Japan to the beautiful town of Oakville, nearly filling the 1,000-seat venue. Special guest included First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha from Glasgow, Scotland and GM Paul Cutler from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The cheers from the crowd were most notable whenever there was a final match between the USA and Canada, each country encouraging their country’s competitor.

The tournament started with an opening ceremony that was culminated with some inspirational words from FGMR as we celebrated his 80th birthday with a cake and the singing of Happy Birthday by the entire stadium. The was also a moment of silence in honour of the General Choi Hong Hi who would have been 100 this year. The tournament was highlighted by a fiercely competitive Black Belt division consisting of over 90 participants, many of whom had international experience competing in previous World Championships. St. John’s, Newfoundland was also chosen as the host for the 2019 CanAm Championships.